Workshop experiences

Developing fresh Viewpoints or Splash (as some participants like to call it) is a workshop I conduct at various institutions and corporations. It is designed to enable participants to find alternate ways of looking at things and so develop expanded viewpoints that are outside their normal frames of reference.

The experience improves problem solving attitudes that encourage ‘out of the box’ thinking to facilitate the development of fresh ideas. When combined with design methods it becomes a useful tool for designers and when adapted for corporate executives it can become a way of enhancing innovation and leadership and motivational skills.


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The following is from a workshop with TMI

TMI is a company involved in soft skills like leadership and motivation, they are learning consultants and hold workshops for corporations in several cities.

I did an introductory session of my ‘Developing fresh Viewpoints’ workshop with their sales and training personnel as part of their own seminar called ‘Udaan’.

Sumedha Garg (above) helped me with the workshop and took most of the pictures
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The following is from the workshop conducted at an educational institution for design and is one student’s experience of the internal exploration part of the workshop.
Participant: Anjana Nair
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This is another student Vineet Kapahi’s exploration of the domain – Light

developing fresh viewpoints – a creative workshop

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